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Ready For Work?

Discover your potential.

BEST works hard to help job seekers find employment where the employee is valued and included in all aspects of the work and workplace.

BEST strives to help job seekers and employers to create an inclusive workplace.

How To Get Started

Candidate must be:

  • 19 Years of age and older,
  • Referred through CLBC,
  • Transit independent or willingness to explore alternatives,

                     last but not least

  • Strong desire to work

Want to work with BEST and you’re already with BACI?  Please talk to your program supervisor or contact [email protected]

*Please note, BEST does not manage or administer any medication or manage the finances of any job seekers.

Guide To Service

We empower individuals to prepare, obtain and maintain employment. To find out how we prepare candidates to successfully achieve their goals, please go through the Guide to Services.

I’ve really enjoyed working with BEST on figuring out how to get a job. Even though it hasn’t always been so easy, but it’s been really fun – the journey to get there. I have somewhere to go now, instead of just sitting around the house being bored. I like being paid too! Thank you so much BEST!
NicoleTim Horton's
“My daughter is enjoying working with the employment specialist at BEST.  Each step of the process is explained clearly to her, and they work at her pace.  I am very hopeful that the end result will  be a good employment placement for her.”
May Ma
It gives you a sense of pride, you’re not just given money like you’re a charity case and people need to feel sorry for you. You actually earn that money, and it’s yours, and you’re contributing to society.
KatherineCentury Plaza Hotel