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What We Can Do For You

Our Mission

BEST matches job seekers with employers who have unmet business needs. We support job seekers to make meaningful contributions in their workplace and businesses to hire, train and retain excellent employees.

It’s a well stated fact that diversity in the workplace is just smart business. Let’s make this happen for you  — at no cost.
Our Services Include:
  • We support employers to hire, train and retain their employees.
  • We provide flexible long-term support for both employers and employees to foster successful working relationships.
  • We identify the skills, interests and passions of job seekers so we’re able to provide employers with the best possible candidates.
  • We can support you to customize or identify new roles within your organization.
  • We provide job coaching as needed – we can help with training, developing accommodations and creating tools and strategies that can benefit the entire workplaces.


Return on Investment

The return on investment when you employ people with disabilities goes beyond profit. Businesses that employ people with disabilities turn social issues into business opportunities. These opportunities translate into lower costs, higher revenues and increased profits. Capitalize on the ROI of employing people with disabilities.

Increase Revenues

  • Access new markets.
  • Improve productivity through innovative and effective ways of doing business.

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce hiring and training costs.
  • Increase retention.

Enhance Shareholder Value

  • Capitalize on opportunities to meet business goals.


Innovation is key to business success. Employees with disabilities bring unique experiences and understanding that transform a workplace and enhance products and services. Innovation does not just happen — it requires new ideas and unique talent. As part of your team, employees with disabilities help build your business and can lead your company into the future.

Workplace Innovation

  • Create more efficient and effective business processes and practices.
  • Develop and implement management strategies to attract and retain qualified talent.
  • Use technology in new ways to increase productivity.

Product and Service Innovation

  • Stimulate new product and service development through disability-confident and diverse teams.
  • Customize products and services to increase profitability.

Shape the Future

  • Foster the development of next-generation products and services.


At present, approximately 40 million Canadians and Americans self-identify as having a disability—a number that will only grow. Add in their family and friends, and the opportunities are substantial.  The business importance of this principally untapped market—of people who want to “see themselves” in the products and services they buy, and in the businesses they decide to support—is immense.

Capitalize on New Market Opportunities

  • Create an identity that the employees and customers want to share.
  • Increase your market share.

Develop New Products and Services

  • Respond to marketplace needs.
  • Lead your market.
  • Increase profitability.


Disability adds another dimension to your diversity efforts, contributing to the development of unique and creative business solutions. Employees with disabilities come from all backgrounds and ages, and have varied skills and perspectives, adding value to your company.

Diverse Workplace

  • Increase innovation, productivity and performance.
  • Inspire a more diverse and inclusive working environment.
  • Experience the advantages of hiring an individual with a disability.

Diverse Marketplace

  • Attract a broader customer base.
  • Meet the needs of the expanding global market.


Cameron has been an asset to the team here at Mattress Recycling for just over a year now. He came to us through our partnership with BEST employment services. With coaching and mentoring from his ES, Cameron proved to be a diligent and committed member of our team -- one who shows up every day with the right kind of energy. He has also developed excellent communication and interpersonal skills that we have so much here at Mattress Recycling.- Victor Onukwulu, HR & Logistics Manager - Mattress Recycling
Alana has just finished her second year with Baptist Housing at the Grandview Towers Residence. We have enjoyed Alana’s personality and contribution to the team at Grandview. Alana quickly became a part of our Team, taking part in all staff activities, meals and meetings. She has become known to many of the residents, as they see her in passing, and they have established great relationships. The BEST service has provided wonderful support in helping Alana establish and maintain her duties. We look forward to many good years to come with Alana and BEST.- Marty Ames, Manager - Baptist Housing
Having Nick join the team at Oddball Workshop was a simple decision for us that has had a lasting impact on our staff and our customers. Nick is a bright spark of energy with a smile that lights up the room! He has taught us so much about ourselves and our business in the time he has been with us. The support BEST provided to both Nick and our company while he learned the role, as well as the ongoing support, has been amazing. We very much feel a part of the BEST family.- Carey Bridgman - ODDBALL WORKSHOP
Trauma Tech has been extremely happy working with BEST employment services and Coty in particular. Coty launders the bandages we use in our classrooms and folds them in a specific way to fit in our First Aid kits. Coty does an excellent job every week. Not only is she reliable and consistent, but her charm brightens the mood of our office with every visit. Trauma Tech is proud to have given Coty an opportunity for employment and would definitely recommend that other businesses work with BEST employment services. We couldn’t be happier with our experience.- Blake Steinson, President - TraumaTech